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Science Made Beerable takes a look at the science that goes into making your favourite brews.

Both scientists and beer lovers, Kelsey Picard and Matt Fielding cover different aspects of science that surrounds brewing; from fermentation, to flavours from botanicals, to the sustainability of the your vessel of choice. 

Subscribe to the blog and get in touch if you have an idea for something you'd like us to cover, or even better - if you have a beer you'd like us to review! 

'Pils of Wisdom' Scholarship 2023

Applications are now open for our 'Pils of Wisdom' education scholarship. 

If you are a brewer wanting to further your technical knowledge, someone who works in the beer industry wanting to further your understanding of the science of brewing, or perhaps would like to begin your brewing career or anything in between, and you feel this opportunity will support your career aspirations, please apply!

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