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Boekamp Bier - Pale Helles Lager

Boekamp bier is the coolest brewery in Hobart. Literally. Specializing in German style lagers and pilsners, Boekamp are unique in the rapidly growing Hobart craft brewing scene due to their use of cold-fermenting lager yeasts and traditional method.

Helles (or hell, meaning "bright" or "pale") lagers are similar to pilsners, but with more emphasis on a soft malt flavor. The southern German pale lager is golden with a mildly sweet, light hop profile, full-body, and low bitterness and alcohol.

So what gives this lager its crisp, smooth taste? It’s all thanks to the cold adaptation of the yeast. Cold brewing temperatures reduces the production of fruity or spicy flavours by the yeast, and the prolonged cold conditioning period keeps the yeast alive for longer, allowing them to further metabolize and remove any off-flavours produced in fermentation – a step that does not need to be done with Ale yeasts, as these fermentation byproducts are able to “Off-gas” at higher temperatures.

Brewer Jurriaan Boekamp imported German brewing equipment from the Netherlands – the only one of its kind in Australia. Boekamp was established by Jurriaan and his business partner Mark French to fill a niche in the Tasmanian craft beer market, dominated by ales.

Often the best things in life are short lived. Boekamp has closed its doors and there are rumours that the brewery has been sold. Yet another tragedy of 2020.. If you're lucky enough to come across any of these blue and gold cans - stock up! We can only hope if/when production resumes the beer will remain as faultless as the original.

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