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Who We Are

Meet the beer nerds behind Science Made Beerable Inc.


Kelsey Picard


Kelsey is a beer obsessed plant scientist whose love of beer extends beyond just drinking it!

From the sexual biology of hop plants, to the sugar chemistry changes in a germinating barley grain, plant science plays a huge role in the production of beer. Kelsey enjoys a fruity sour or a resinous IPA and is fascinated by the complex flavours that can be produced with just four ingredients.

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Matthew Fielding


Matt is a lecturer in fermentation science at UTAS and a massive beer nerd. When he's not in the Tasmanian wilderness behind a pair of binoculars, he's likely got a hopped-up craft beer in his hands. His interest in brewing science started after he plunged into the world of home-brewing, which uncovered the incredible complexity behind that delicious liquid we call beer.

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Science Made Beerable Inc. is a not-for-profit which endeavors to share the fascinating world of beer science with beer lovers. 

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